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The Story Behind Us

About us.

At Proco, we simplify the art of content creation. Imagine a seamless process where a plethora of informative articles, tailored to your chosen topics, are expertly structured, written, and interlinked – all in a manner that search engines adore. Ready to refine and publish on your website.

Delving into the technical realm, we bring full automation to the creation of Content Clusters. Our platform handles everything, from keyword research and clustering to content writing and interlinking, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient journey for your content strategy.

Proconow has transformed my content creation process, allowing me to effortlessly craft comprehensive, interlinked content clusters in mere minutes. I highly recommend giving it a try – a true time-saving gem!

Why we built it?

Today, using AI to write articles is common, and there are many options available. However, it’s not just about writing – knowing what to write is equally important. That’s where Proco comes in. It not only helps you write articles but also assists in finding the right keywords to build comprehensive sets of content.

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Start with three free content clusters per month.


SEO Strategy on auto-pilot

Proco analyses the latest keyword data to create effective clusters that rank high.

Automated keyword research

Proco will conduct keyword research for each cluster based on advanced analytics of the latest keyword data.

Automated keyword clustering

Proco will carefully choose keywords that work well together, boosting your ranking without cannibalisation.

Automated internal linking

Proco will automatically interlink the articles in each cluster using natural sounding but keyword targeted links.

Unbelievably human-like articles

Proco uses cutting-edge AI to produce high-quality articles that resonate with readers.

Human-level output

Advanced AI models and a unique content composition process ensures that our writer outputs extremely high quality text.

Control perspective and tone

You can control the perspective and tone to ensure you align with your intended audience and the purpose of your writing.

Multi language support

Proco natively supports over 100 languages, so you can target anyone anywhere and go truly global.

Scalable, flexible and out of the way

Proco is built to be extremely fast and scalable with parallelism and background processing.

Extremely fast and scalable

Parallel processing and dedicated resources makes Proco one of the fastest and most scalable bulk writers available.

Limitless bulk writing

Proco can help you scale to the next level, you can write hundreds or even thousands of articles at the same time.

Background processing

Proco does everything in the background so there's no need to sit and wait. Go deliver value elsewhere.

Cost-effective and unrestricted

Proco is designed to be cost-effective, with no markup on AI usage

Bring your own key

You bring your own key to Proco, which means that we can offer unlimited usage at an unbeatable price point.

No markups

You pay for exactly what you use, no more and no less. We only charge for our software, we don't add markup on tokens.

Dedicated usage limits

You use your own OpenAI account so you have your own allocated token usage and throttling limits. No holds barred.


SEO might be a slow game but we move fast

We have a dedicated team actively working on adding new features every week.

Publish to WordPress Done

You can now publish entire clusters of articles directly to WordPress. Each account gets three WordPress connections.

Featured Images Done

You can now add featured images to your articles from Pexels and Unsplash, choose manually or let our AI pick them for you.

Webhooks Done

You can now publish all of your articles directly to Zapier, and more, so you can process and publish articles to any CMS

There’s much more to come, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

What others are saying about Proco


Proco has made a monumental impact on our business. It's more than a tool; it's our secret weapon in the competitive content landscape.
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Proco has truly simplified our content creation process. From finding keywords to interlinking, it's an all-in-one solution that streamlines our workflow.
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Proco is a content creator's dream, exceeding expectations with its user-friendly design. It makes keyword research, content creation, and interlinking effortless.
Proco has significantly enhanced our content management. It's an invaluable solution that handles everything seamlessly from a single tool.
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Join 1100+ entrepreneurs and businesses growing with Proco.

Start with three free content clusters per month.