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Artificial Intelligence

Supervised Learning

What is supervised learning?

Supervised learning is a type of machine learning. We use an algorithm based on labeled examples to make predictions or decisions. Enthusiasts are using AI techniques to solve various problems, from the classification of images and text to regression and prediction. The supervised learning process involves training an algorithm on input and corresponding labeled or …

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Unsupervised learning

What is unsupervised learning?

Unsupervised learning trains an algorithm to find patterns and relationships in a collection without labelled samples or prior information. It has been used for image, text, anomaly detection, and data compression. In unsupervised learning, an algorithm is trained on a dataset that does not have any predefined labels or categories. Also, Techniques such as clustering, …

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Reinforcement learning

What is reinforcement learning?

Reinforcement learning is machine learning in which an agent learns to interact with its environment to maximize a reward signal. It is a powerful approaching method to artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, applying to many problems, from playing games to controlling robots and autonomous vehicles. In reinforcement learning, an agent becomes trained when they take action …

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What is Natural language processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence (AI). It focuses on the development of algorithms and systems that can understand and interpret human language. Further, it is a rapidly growing field with a wide range of applications. It includes everything from language translation and summarization to text classification and dialogue systems. Goal …

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