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Building a community before the product

Building a Community Before the Product: A Practical Guide to Pioneering Success

Introduction: The power of community in the entrepreneurial world cannot be understated. But how does one practically foster a community, especially when the product is still a concept? Drawing inspiration from thought leaders like Guillaume Moubeche of Lemlist and Davie Fogarty, we’re on a journey to build our community, and here’s how we’re doing it.

1. The Power of Community:

  • Validation & Feedback: A community offers real-time feedback, ensuring your product aligns with market needs.
  • Loyalty & Advocacy: A pre-built community ensures a receptive audience upon product launch and organic brand ambassadors.
  • Collaborative Growth: The community isn’t just an audience; they’re collaborators, contributing to the product’s evolution.

2. Practical Steps to Building a Community:

  • Identify Your Audience: Understand who your community is. For us, it’s those passionate about growth – from marketing and sales to customer success.
  • Engage on Platforms Tailored to Your Audience: For some, it might be Twitter or Instagram, but for us, it’s LinkedIn. It’s not about broadcasting but engaging. We post content that resonates, answers questions, and sparks discussions, always keeping our target audience in mind.
  • Provide Value: Offer insights, solutions, and perspectives that the community genuinely values. Address the challenges they face and the aspirations they hold.
  • Consistent Interaction: Regular posts, comments, and discussions keep the community engaged and foster a sense of belonging.

3. Our Journey: Building a Community, One Post at a Time: Inspired by pioneers like Guillaume Moubeche of Lemlist and Davie Fogarty, we’re actively engaging on platforms like LinkedIn. We’re not just sharing content; we’re answering questions, addressing concerns, and understanding what our community truly cares about. Every interaction brings clarity to our product vision and strengthens our community bonds.

4. The Bigger Picture: From Community Insights to Product Development:

  • Feedback-Driven Development: Our community’s feedback is pivotal in shaping our product. Their challenges become our challenges; their needs drive our features.
  • Community as Co-Creators: We view our community not just as end-users but as co-creators. Their insights, experiences, and perspectives are integral to our product’s evolution.

Conclusion: Building a community before the product is a journey of collaboration, understanding, and growth. It’s about forging genuine connections, understanding shared challenges, and pioneering success together. As we navigate this path, we’re discovering the transformative power of community, one interaction at a time.

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