Supercharging eCommerce with AI-Powered, SEO-Optimized Content that Converts

We simplify content creation for busy ecommerce businesses. Proco generates high-quality, SEO-optimized content that gets you traffic like a breeze.

Struggling to Create High-Quality Content that Attracts Customers and Drives Sales?

You’re not alone. Many ecommerce businesses do not have the time and resources to consistently produce content that converts. Proco’s AI-powered platform helps you right there. With Proco, generate content for your ecommerce that not just reads well, but ranks well too.

Write Content that’s Good to Read, Easy to Rank

Proco AI generates original, informative and actionable content to delight your visitors. With a meticulous focus on SEO, it also helps you increase the organic rankings of your ecommerce website.

Streamline Content Creation, Optimize for SEO and Improve Search Ranking

AI content Powerhouse
For eCommerce SEO

Content Creation

Generate high-quality content using the power of generative AI through plugins. It’s tailored to your brand voice for maximum engagement with the target audience.

Built-in Keyword Optimization

Rank higher in search results with our smart keyword research, suggestions and integration.

Automated Content Clusters

Not just an article, create comprehensive content sets on chosen topics, boosting SEO and user engagement.

Human-Quality Output

No robotic tone, no information spamming! Write natural-sounding, persuasive content that generates traffic.

Multilingual Capability

Why limit yourself to English when there’s so much to explore? With Proco, reach global audiences with content in over 100 languages.

Seamless Integrations

We are wherever you work. Publish your content directly to WordPress and connect with other platforms seamlessly.

Generate powerful content on the go

Proco takes the grunt work out of content creation. Create engaging content that empowers your ecommerce SEO strategies and gives results.

Rank Higher

Generate researched articles and optimize them for top search engine visibility.

Build Authority

Well-researched content with automatic citations and external linking establish your expertise.

Scale Content Production

Create high-quality content consistently with the power of AI to fuel your SEO.

Your AI Advantage for eCommerce Marketing

Ditch the content grind with Proco and invest your time in strategizing. Create and publish SEO-ready content aligned with your target customers.

Achieve More, Pay Less

Proco prioritizes both affordability and flexibility through some unique features that empower you without breaking the bank.

Tap into the Power of AI to Dominate Search Engines

Experience the edge you need in ecommerce SEO with Proco. Start with three content clusters per month for free.

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